Samuel Grasse-Haroldsen

Software engineer fluent in Hungarian and ready to innovate on the international scene. I like clean UIs and performant backends. FOSS advocate/contributor.


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JavaScript React Ruby Language Ruby on Rails Go PostgreSQL

My Projects

flipr quiz in action

Flipr Quiz

The motivation behind creating Flipr Quiz was twofold. I had just created a flashcard app called flipr and I wanted to give users the ability to quiz themselves on the decks of flashcards they created. I also wanted to add the original functionality of flipr (creating decks of flashcards), and React made this goal easily achievable. Created using Rails, React, and Redux. Check it out on GitHub.

forge and fix in action

Forge & Fix

Creating and collaborating are two of my biggest passions. This is why I started creating Forge & Fix, a web app for people to share ideas and work on projects together. People can create projects, add issues for people to work on, and assign themselves tasks. Although it is not necessarily technical, you can use GitHub to sign up for an account. Created with Rails and Bulma. Check it out on GitHub.

flipr in action


Learning languages is tough! One of the biggest hurdles is learning all the new vocab. There are many different ways to do this, but no method is more tried or true than flashcards. What makes flashcards so effective is how quickly you can create decks and start memorizing. Unlike other apps, flipr presents flashcards in a clean minimal environment to help you learn the things you want to learn. Flip on fliprs. Created using vanilla JavaScript and a Rails API. Check out the frontend here or the backend here.

fruit-info in action


A command line application that utilizes the Fruityvice API and lets users interact with fruits and their nutritional information. Made using Ruby and published on Check it out on GitHub.

real recipes in action

Real Recipes

A simple website to store all your favorite recipes. Made with Sinatra and Bulma. Check it out on GitHub.